Why "little red monkey"?

I was a rambunctious toddler with curly, fire-red hair who spent many waking hours screaming and jumping around within any four walls that dared to tame me (restaurants included!). A family friend likened me to a little red monkey, a title I then hated, but it stuck like glue nonetheless.

Fast forward years later and terms like “ginger” crept in, which solidified the original nickname more and more.

Brass Tacks

An East-Coaster with a personality as fiery as my hair, I specialize in magazine and publication design. I strive to use my work to make a difference and am dedicated to creating for non-profit cancer organizations and other charitable individuals. In addition to loving good design, I am passionate about eating ice cream, adding to my extensive poster collection, and petting every dog I see.

If you want to know more about the places I have worked, feel free to contact me and check out my resume below. 

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